LG WM2650HWA Washer Review

Amidst the various


introduced in the market that promises higher efficiency and stylish look, traditionally white

washing machines

carrying efficiency of modern technology seem to charm the customers more…especially when the units carry the brand of





for one, has all the right features that can give utmost convenience during laundry time. The washer is equipped with several features unique to the brand of LG that contributes to cleaner clothes finished faster than you can say ‘wow.’

LG built the LG


to make the results at par with those clothes


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Technology is considered by most reviews as a smart feature as each load is attended to with six different motions of the tub combined to make the water particles penetrate deep down through the fabrics. This way, dirt and stains are removed in the gentlest way possible.

High efficiency


cycles also make this washer one of the most loved units by customers. Hot steam can be used in dealing with harder to remove


. Plus, subjecting the clothes to the steam technology kills most of the bacteria (not removed in regular washing) and makes the load easier to



While this technology is hot (literally), the LG WM2650HWA is also satisfying at both end of the spectrum.


, comically, can also be used in getting rid of the stains. The feature works this way: cold water can be used in each cycle to enhance washing and come up with the best results WITHOUT necessarily using warm water. Say goodbye to long hours of heating water for laundry. This technology coupled with the washing motions can already give the best results.

Not convinced yet? Know that the LG WM2650HWA works like a robot – a smart one at that. You can simply “tell” your instructions, and it can work all by itself. For as long as you know all the proper setting that should be keyed into the washer, WM2650HWA can:

  • Wash the clothes according to the time you want it to start the cycle
  • Set the level of the water that suits the weight of the load
  • Dispense pre-wash detergents, main laundry detergent, liquid bleach, and fabric softener from the four-compartment dispenser, still according to the time you set it to do so
  • Transmits any malfunction to your phone towards the Customer Information Center

The best thing about it is that it minimizes the


which has been the source of the irritating buzzing sound from most washers. Through the


technology, nobody can tell that you are doing laundry in the next room. Less hassle to the neighbours and members of the family always translates more peace and fun during



Given that the washer does not use too much


and helps in cutting down

water consumption

, the LG WM2650HWA also received a lot of thumbs up from environmentalist. The line of products from LG aims to lessen the carbon footprints of each household, and this washer holds true to this goal.

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